Cute leather bags with a longer detachable strap?

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  1. I know of the AC City Tote and a few MbyMJ styles. Are there any other hot ones I should know of?

    I'm looking for medium to large bags. Nothing too small.
  2. how about the balenciaga city? it has handles as well as a detachable strap
  3. I think the detachable strap is one of the new bag trends. Nearly every brand is coming out with this style now.
  4. A Balenciaga "City or Part time?" :smile:
  5. Lockheart makes a few sachel-styles that have both short handles and a longer strap....sorry I don't have a pic or link, but I've seen them at Nordstrom.
  6. The Kooba Meredith has a long detachable strap. I'm 5'9" and with the strap it sits just below my hip. I really love it!!
  7. Balenciaga is the first one that comes to mind. Also I have a cute Mike & Chris Corbett that is medium sized that has a detachable strap.
  8. That's very true. But for me, it's all about versatility. I remember when the bags that had a detachable strap weren't exactly stylish and now there's so many to choose from.

    Thanks girls! So many to choose from. I also came across the Furla Elisabeth bag that's gorgeous too!
  9. I love this trend. Am looking forward to getting one myself.