Cute knife set $7.99 (was $39.99) + .99 shipping!

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  1. find some of the neatest sales (even if I'm not getting my Hershey pans! LOL!) I just saw these knives in my Tuesday Morning flyer today. This is a better deal though and I don't have to move from this chair!!!:roflmfao:
  2. I love buying crap I don't need, price is too good to pass should see
    my closet!
    I buy things that don't fit(and never will) because it was 'on clearance'!:P
  3. the colorful ones look like the ones they have at ikea :P

    the quality at ikea isn't so great though, lol
  4. do I. My problem is that I buy for everyone else. With all the money I spend only to give things away, I could have every designer bag I'd ever dreamed of having. Every friend or female in my family inc'l my son's girlfriends have probably come to expect a nice handbag for Christmas or b'days. All this other stuff like the Hickory Farms gift boxes...I bought two of the huge and four smaller ones and gave them to my sons and even their girlfriend's parents. I need to stop doing this, but it's hard to pass up a great deal. My attics (I have four) are filled with stuff. We need help girl....of course, I'm willing to bet that we're not alone.
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  6. cute knives britt ash. I agree you do find the cutest things
  7. cute!! they have some other good stuff like the towel holder... that would come in handy in my kitchen.
  8. i got some stuff.. thank you
  9. these are super cute!!
  10. thanks - I picked up a summer pitcher/glasses set for $5.99 plus the free salad set- so cute!
  11. omg these are so cute!! perfect for my apartment =)
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    Those are neat - thanks for posting! I also picked up Mighty Putty (on clearance), LOL! I've always wanted to see if that stuff really worked...