Cute kitty story!

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  1. I thought a few cat owners might crack up at this...

    I'm getting ready to move into a new apartment next week, so I've been trying to make preparations for myself and for my cat. She's pretty good about moving overall, but since she has to be sequestered in one bedroom for awhile while I get all the furniture in and out, I thought she might like something familiar and comfortable that I could transfer to the new apartment and make her feel at home. So I went out and bought her a lovely new bed, lined in faux sheepskin, just the kind she likes. I put it in the living room and tossed a few toys in it so that she can get used to it and play in it this week.

    Well, because of the impending move, I'm also collecting cardboard boxes...I have quite a store of them in my little office space now! I got a big box from J Crew a few weeks ago that came with one of those filler cardboard pieces - you know, just a thin, flat piece of cardboard. Well, dear sweet kitty found that piece of cardboard and drug it into the living room right next to her new bed. And for the last few days she's been sleeping on nothing but the piece of cardboard!! There's this soft, comfy bed right next to her and she chooses to lay on the cardboard for hours at a time. I've been spending a lot of time at home recently finishing a diss chapter, so I know that she's spending her days on the cardboard, I'm not just speculating! I don't know if she's trying to tell me something, like she'd rather sleep on cardboard than her tacky new bed, or whether she's reliving her former life on the streets (she was a rescue from the humane society), but cardboard apparently beats bed for my cat! :shrugs:
  2. Hmmm, there must be some connection between cats and cardboard because my cat LOVES this cardboard box! I had ordered some clothes from JCrew and left the box laying around and it became their most coveted bed!!! And I have tons of plush even few expensive pet beds all around the house... I end up cutting the flaps and it is still around after all these years... I mean years... I just could not throw it away since everyone loves taking turns to sleep in it...
  3. We spend all this money on nice beds and blankets and they prefer cardboard!
    Mine love cardboard too, but my cat that passed away last year was completely obsessed with cardboard, there wasn't a box he didn't love...
  4. Oh, that is too funny! It reminds me of when I was a kid. My parents said I preferred the boxes the toys came in to the toys themselves!

    Good luck to you and your kitty on your move. Please remember to "pack" her cardboard. LOL!
  5. Isn't that typical of cats, though? You can go out and spend good money on toys, but it's that balled-up-piece-of-paper-that-didn't-quite-make-it-into-the-trash that they love above everything else.
  6. So funny! Cats can be contrary creatures sometimes but don't you just love them!
  7. Funny and cute at the same time ^o^
  8. Hehe that is cute! My cats like to sleep in boxes too... even SHOE boxes. Even though they have a wealth of soft comfy places to sleep. Good luck with your move!
  9. My little girl cat LOVES cardboard boxes too! She also likes plastic and paper shopping bags. If I had a nickel for each time I find her curling up on/inside the empty grocery bags as I am putting the groceries away, I'd be rich. In fact, I ended up keeping a 32" TV box (ugly), because she likes to hide from her brother and take a nap inside. She's a crazy girl! :heart: her to pieces!
  10. tiramisu - I had ordered some clothes from JCrew and left the box laying around and it became their most coveted bed!!! "

    Looks like J Crew cardboard has that special "something" !:roflmfao: maybe they should start of doing a cat line of cardboards !:yes:
  11. awww that's so cute! I love cats. I can't wait to get one.
  12. That's adorable! I'm not at all surprised, it's so true that cats tend to love the silliest things!

    My cat is a cardboard freak too :P He loves to rub boxes and jumps right in and rolls on the cardboard... it's silly!