1. I found the CUTEST keyfob in the online catalog. Just thought I'd share...


    It is very clever... and it comes in three different colors!
  2. i have two of them!
  3. I think they are SUPER cute... I want all three... lol...
  4. and they're cheap, too! can't beat 'em for only $38!
  5. I got the white one, it's hanging off my camel ergo tote now along with my flower charm! My kids all love it and want to play with it! Even dh thought it was cute! And yeah, $38 is a great price!
  6. Oh I really need one of those or all 3 LOL
  7. I have the turquoise one hanging off of my Mandy!
    It's super cute and the leather is so soft!
    Makes me want a BIG one like it!

    it has the legacy striped lining!
  8. It's sooo cute!, I'm getting one, i'm getting one!
  9. Very cute
  10. is this on yet?? I dont see it and I really want one like now LOL

  11. so cute........:cutesy::heart:
  12. it is cute
    and i looove kallison's pink one!!
  13. pics!


  14. I'm deffinately getting the pink one for myself, and I think I'm going to get the turquoise one for my "adopted mom" for her birthday. Heck I may get all 3 they are so cute!:yes:
  15. I SO know how you feel... lol. Go to and click on the 'catalog request' link at the bottom of the homepage; this will re-direct you to another page to request a catalog (duh), lol... then click the link that says 'see our online catalog'. This keyfob is towards the end of the catalog, somewhere in the 70s pages. Just scroll over the picture and click on it. It will take you to where you can purchase it!