Cute Juicy Couture Bowler Bag! chanel-esque

  1. I found this bag on for $350..
    usually i find juicy bags to be really tacky but i love this one!
    it's kind of like marc jacobs ursula bowler bag

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    i don't know whether i should get the white or the black.. i want them both! :lol: tell me what you guys think :amuse:
  2. I like the white one better. Sometimes contrast stitching can look kind of cheap and "too much," and I don't like it on the black one. The white one is way classier!
    I'm surprised you can find JC stuff that's not totally gaudy. Don't get me wrong, I love me some gaudy stuff, but usually the JC bags are a bit much. These are great, though!
  3. i agree on both points -
    i saw a different picture of the black one on and it does look cheap, i like the white better now\

    plus i want a white bag for summer :smile:

    here's the black

  4. I like the white
  5. cute bag! i like the white.
  6. I'd rather get an MJ.
  7. Hannah, I saw both in person, white is a lot cuter.
  8. ^ ooh thanks :smile:

    yeah i'm pretty much set on the white. i think it's really cute, and Shopbop has free shipping so yay for me. i'm just a college student so i think investing in another marc jacobs is going to be too much, and this has a younger feel to it hehe. yay
  9. Hannah, definitely go for JC rather than MJ (too pricey for a student).

    Are you in the US? Do you have a Bloomingdale's or Nordstrom in your area? If yes, you can save 20%; plus, department stores have better return/exchange policy (piece of mind -- in case something goes wrong). Bloomingdale's having their Friends & Family Event this week (Wednesday to Sunday), everything will get discounted at 20% off. Nordstrom will price match, SA can even send the item(s) to you without S&H.

    If you need help, send me a PM.
  10. oh wow thanks so much bag.lover, i do have a bloomingdales near here!
    is the friends & family for everyone or do you need a special coupon?

    and just curious, did you get to feel the leather on this bag?
    i don't want to get thin and flimsy leather..
  11. My local SA (Bloomingale's) said no special coupon/invitation is needed (ie. no requirement whatsoever) if your purchase is pre-saled (up to the day before the event -- tomorrow is the last day?). There's a thread on this in Steal&Deal Forum.

    I picked up & felt the bag, but I'm sorry I can't recall how it was -- I inspected too many purses in the past few weeks. Most of the JC's leather bags feel very nice, I think they are cute and very feminine.

    Anyone felt this bag in person?
  12. I really like the white one.
  13. LOVE the white one, go for it for spring/summer!
  14. I have the large Lady Jane tote in black and I LOVE it!! I'm usually not a fan of Juicy handbags, but I fell in love with this one!

    2 people stopped me today to ask me who made my bag! I think you'll be happy with it also!! :smile:
  15. Hannah, I stopped by Nordstrom today; my wonderful SA (he's very honest) said he really doesn't recommend this particular line from Juicy, he said the chain (on JC's Princess ZZ Quilted Bag) falls apart easily.

    I prefer the leather (very nice) from the line that includes Juicy Couture Leather Betsey Hobo. Attached is its picture from