Cute Jewerly Purses/pouches/roll-ups/travel cases

  1. Anyone have one that they love? TIA!
  2. I've seen some from time to time at Banana Republic that have been really cute. Since this is a good holiday gift item I'm guessing they'll have some soon (if not already).
  3. i use a little jewelry pouch from cicciabella whenever i go on trips. here's a pic!
    jewelry pouch.jpg
  4. I got this one from Red Envelope as a gift. It works really well!
  5. i'm lame but i usually use cosmetic pouches when i travel, lol. some of them are really cute! the thing is i have sooo much makeup that i bought during gwp that i cant use up all my pouches (i throw them away often) so i can't justify myself to buying pouches.