Cute impulsive reveal despite really snobbish SA :D

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  1. I was strolling the store and saw this and absolutely couldn't leave the store without it! Despite the attitudes that the SAs were having, I'm happy anyways :smile:

    A peak... any guess?

    P.S Sorry for the bad quality pics :sad: I need a new phone!

  2. The new Affiche mini??
  3. affiche mini pochette?
  4. Affiche Mini?
  5. Emily L & Coleab5, you both got it! It's so cute and perfect. Love how I can wear it 3 ways :biggrin:
  6. Perfect guess as well OnMyMiNd04!
  7. Congrats! It is SO adorable!
  8. Thank you! Do you guys know if they're going to be available in the damier pattern? Can't seem to find info on them...
  9. Congrats! So cute!
  10. Cute! Congrats!
  11. They are already available in damier line. The screen printed picture is just different.
  12. ^^Do you know where I can see a pic of it? I only see the valise online...and that one is too flat for me TIA
  13. Super cute - congrats!!
  14. Love it!!
  15. So cute - congrats! We're mini pochette twins! :biggrin: I put my long Rouge Fauviste BB strap on mine and it actually looks okay with that (or the Rose Florentin BB strap might be a better match)