Cute/hot dresses for the well endowed woman?

  1. In all the magazines, they always show pictures of large chested girls in cute dresses but they always seem to be showing cleavage. I am a 32E (this is not a blessing most the time! I wish i could just be a C) Anyway, I am fairly thin, 28" waist and it is very hard to find a dress to fit my chest and look hot w/o showing cleavage. My boyfriend thinks he should be the only one to see my cleavage so it kind of limits my options on cute dresses. So far I can only find cute dresses that don't show cleavage w/o any kind of waist so I end up looking pregnant. Any ideas? Dresses to go out in for dinner preferably.
  2. What about a wrap dress and wear a cute tank or camisole under it? It would still be form fitting on your waist.
  3. Have you tried any Diane von Furstenberg dresses? They are very modern / classic pieces that worn with the right show can fit any occasion. Some of the dresses are wrap style, this may not help with your cleavage issue but you may want to try putting a cami underneath.
  4. Yes, Ive tried those with camisoles but I have never viewed wrap dresses as that dressy...more like something I would wear for a work event or something.
  5. ^ What about separate pieces that match up to look like a dress, KWIM? You could pick a more conservative top to cover, but w/ cute details and shorter skirts, etc., whatever you were going for.
  6. ^ That was my suggestion as well. Shirt dresses are also be cute on curvy women...

    They say busty women shouldn't wear anything with a high neckline, but I have a fitted black turtleneck dress that I wear with a belt (skinny or wide) and it's really flattering. It only looks so-so without the belt, but with it it's foxy! :nuts:
  7. Shoshanna makes dresses for well-endowed women. Her stuff is very preppy and cute, and has ventured into evening wear. She's the former girlfriend of Jerry Seinfeld.
  8. If you're looking for something dressier, I think a high neck halter would look good as long as the dress is fitted in the waist!!! You might have to get it tailored for a good fit, though.

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. I ADORE flat across necklines that show a decent amount of shoulder - bateau, or boat neck style, I think maybe it's called? Straighht across and drapey throws the empahsis on a swans neck, something overlooked allll the time.

    And flirty, too. Wish I had a brand for you but I always mix a black top of the nature with a scarf skirt for a very classy look where I am trying to minimize cleavage myself.
  10. I'M have a big chest(44DDD). i like shirt dresses.
  11. I agree with a DVF wrap dress worn with a lacy camisole underneath if cleavage shows. Halter dresses are smart too..since they go up high around your neck your cleavage won't show.
  12. Another vote for the DVF (or similar) wrap dress.

    For a dressier look, what about a boob tube dress that cuts straight across the bust? This wouldn't give you any cleavage and should flow straight down over your boobs to minimise them. If you feel like it's shapeless, get a knee or mid-thigh length dress and belt it in the middle, then make sure that it's pulled out a little bit around the waist to ensure that flowy shape.
  13. im a 34DD so i share some of your pains. empire wasted square necks work too. but i really like the black one that claire suggested! so cute. ive found your best bet for a great dress is to go up to a size that fits ur boobies then have the body tailored to fit your curves (and you have an ITTY BITTY waist! mazel tov by the way) that way its not BOOB in your face
  14. Where can I find "boob tube" dresses? That idea sounds good. It sounds a little more like something that if worn to dinner could go out in also. We don't go out much anymore but it would be nice to have something that could look nice for dinner or go out to a club or lounge or something. Its funny, I actually have that black dress claire has a straight gold thing at the top. I love it.
  15. That dress is Maggy London from Nordstrom-- they have it on sale right now for $69 in brown, regular or petite sizes.

    This is another style I think would look cute (also Maggy London, on sale at Nordies):

    I have a Maggy London dress I got at Ross for only $20 and I love it. It's very flattering and it's sexy without showing anything, which I love!