Cute heart rings!! Are they already available?

  1. I saw these cute rings at Instyle. :drool:
    Do you girls know if these are already available?

    I particularly like the white/gold one :heart:

  2. so far waitlisted in the USA, from what I found out. luckily, Im already #3 at my store
  3. style number?
    are they from this years valentines collection?
  4. I saw those too- very cute!
    They are around $250-ish I believe.
  5. yes, they are $250 (around €195)
  6. i saw those in the magazine too, they're adorable. too bad they're waitlisted.
  7. Waitlist? Ohhh man, I really want the black one. I better call NM pronto!
  8. My SA told me that NM was not going to order those rings..........bummer!
  9. Oh, that's a shame :sad:
  10. very cute! are there matching earrings or necklace?
  11. cute cute
  12. I'm not sure Lainey, I will ask when I go to the Chanel boutique any time soon.

  13. Yes, there is a heart necklace and earrings. They are in the Nordstrom lookbook S/S act I
  14. pics of the necklace and earings please!!!
  15. those are cute, i love the black ring, yeah it would be nice to have matching necklace.