Cute - Hanging Letters!

  1. Just took a quick look-see at the website and found these:

    Really cute...comes in Red, Black Patent and Antique (?) gold......

    Maybe I could use this as my new keychain????
  2. Yes, I love those too. agirlinwinter and I were discussing them the other day but felt they were a bit pricey for a small bit of leather :lol:

    Nonetheless, I'd like an antique gold letter A - but am waiting for the sales so I can just add it to my order and save on shipping :yes: (if I can work out how to actually order it by then :confused1:)
  3. I really like them too, especially in red! But yikes, it'd be £150 for my initials - I could get a bag for that!!!!
  4. I would get some for Andy that would spell tit. Coz he is one!

  5. How funny is that !!!

    I bet he likes to hang off yours:nuts:

    Hope I don`t get removed for that:graucho:
  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  7. Ha ha, that's hilarious! :lol:
  8. You lot are bonkers!!

    :back2topic: Cute but way too expensive (the letters that is, not Chaz's t*ts)

  9. I want to spell arse but I don't have the extra £49 quid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lol::nuts:

  10. :nuts:
  11. I liked the letters too but I feel like it's too much for a sliver of leather. :sad:
  12. Right,being serious,many apologies for hi-jacking the thread with smut......again.I think a couple of letters would look cute in a Sex In The City sort of way,y'know like Carries necklace?? Maybe if you went for a brown and gold combo,or pink and gold etc,I think that would work on a bag and look very funky!!