Cute "h" ~~~

  1. Love them so much........ they're so cute~~~~~ especially the Porcupine :heart:
    H - Duck.jpg H - Hippo.jpg H - Monkey.jpg H - Pig.jpg H - Porcupine.jpg
  2. Turtle w/ Croc :drool:
    H - Turtle.jpg H - Carmen.jpg H - Belt.jpg H - Neck Strap.jpg H - Key Tag.jpg
  3. they're all so cute!! love the pig and the hippo!!!
  4. do they come in Leather as well? :p
    H - Phone Strap.jpg
  5. Adorable!
  6. Oh and don't forget one of my personal favourites, Mr Barenia Bear!

    Barenia bear coin purse.jpg
  7. aww that bear is SO CUTE! and the lil piggy of course.

    the porcupine is tdf. looks expensive too. lol.
  8. Too cute! Love the bear!!
  9. those are great pic...thanks for showing
  10. So adorable :nuts:
  11. The Bear and the Duck are really darling!
  12. So cute!
  13. So cute...I don't think I've ever seen the porcupine!!! H SF has the Hippo...I love him! :heart:
  14. Awww that pig is so cute!!! I must have it!
  15. Love that neck lanyard and cell phone strap. Does anyone know what they're called and how much they are?

    (MrsS, it' kind of like "The Matrix," isn't it?)