Cute gym clothes...

  1. Suggestions please??? I figure cute clothes will help motivate me!!
  2. Hard Tail?
  3. D & G makes very nice Gym wear
    Juicy Coulture does too.

    Or Baby Phat, Roca wear they are cool too!
  4. I'll be totally honest.. I am best working out in an old faded black band hoodie and just some short Victorias Secret PINK shorts. I find if i wear Juicy or whatever to work out in i'm thinking too much about what i look like and it actually holds me back.. I do tend to be a little intense when i run and stuff though, listening to bands like Hole and L7, and just let go.. so obviously it's different for everyone. Just thought i'd share anyway! :smile:
  5. I am completely hooked on the Athleta and Title 9 catalogs, not to mention the workout gear section of Nordstrom. I have been going nuts lately.

    I've done away with workout shorts, and now I'm totally into running skirts. They are so adorable. Also, I refuse to wear ratty shoes to the gym.

    Nike (Nordstrom)
    RBK (Nordstrom)


    Stella by Adidas (Nordstrom)

    Nike (Nordstrom)
  6. I wear little polo shirts with some sort of athletic shorts. I like collars, hence, the polo shirts. I also like Puma track jackets and sneakers.
  7. Lululemon! Best work out clothes ever!
  8. I am totally the yoga pants wearing type with a t-shirt from 1996! For some reason new sports bras and socks motivate me than cuter gym clothes :shame:
  9. I wear running skirts everday. I noticed that I never seem to change out of my gym clothes so I needed everything to match and look cute. I got several athletic jackets to throw on when I am done working out. So when I go to the gym. I wear tennis skirt, sprots bra and tank. When I am done I take off the tank, but on the jacket and throw on a visor. Here is a pic I took a while back for the Hermes action thread. . . . I was confessing that I bring my birkin to the gym
  10. Try Lululemon
  11. I'm most comfortable @ the gym in a T & sweats - I love juicy sweats:smile:
    What motivates me most though is the scale & the mirror.
  12. whattup, girl?! I love that we have so many internet sites in common.

    OK, I'm a HUGE fan of brazilian workout gear. Here're some picks I've got for you (they'd be great for your skin tone and body:smile:


    The pant only-
    link to the jacket is on the link there


    you can do a search on brazilian workout clothing and find quite a bit of cute stuff, but those are my fave for you

    hope that was helpful!
  13. i find the VS pinks make great workout attire. Juicy tracksuits and Nike apparel are also really nice.
  14. I think you're on the right track!:tup: I have always found that new workout clothes give me a boost of enthusiasm.

    I usually shop on-line at

    They're "All That" pants and shorts line is terrific.
  15. Thanks ladies!! I am loving the outfit from Unfortunately, no VS in Canada :sad: I'm liking Lululemon too, we have a store on Queen St, so I'm gonna go by there and try some stuff on.

    What about American Apparel??