Cute Gucci story!

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  1. I was meeting my fiance's grandmother for the first time this weekend - she was a complete sweetheart :heart: -when she was complimenting my engagement ring and shoes (silver Tory Burch flats), and she noticed my bag - its a Gucci scarf hobo in black - while she was looking it over she immediately said 'oh this is nice, it must be an expensive purse.' The funny thing is there is no way she knows what Gucci is, but she knows quality!

    Isn't that the cutest! :heart: My new grandmother is instinctively stylish!! :roflmfao:
  2. cool grandma.
  3. waw. when my grandma saw my leather gucci she asked: is this real leather?, yes, I think so...
    she: are you sure?
    me: ... YES! :rolleyes:

    nice if you know people who know quality!
  4. cute.
  5. :heart::yes:
  6. she sounds like the sweetest thing!, and congrats on the meeting going so well
  7. very cute.