Cute Green Bag from Banana Republic

  1. Cute Green Bag from Banana Republic!!
    What do you think, honestly??
  2. Honestly? A little too green for me!
  3. Green is my favorite color, but unfortunately this one doesn't do it for me. But if you like it go for it.
  4. Thanks for being honest girls. I don't own the purse yet but I can get it for next to nothing with coupons and gift cards I have...maybe I'll reconsider. Anybody else?
  5. If you like it then buy it! You're the one carrying it, not us. Carry what YOU love. :tup:
  6. I love that green! It's got a lot of PoP! I also like their persimmon color too...
  7. I like it- honestly! I like a lot of BR bags- they're pretty well made, simple, cute and (relatively) inexpensive. I wouldn't pay full price for them but if you have a coupon I say go for it :tup:
  8. I love it!! The green is very very nice! The style of the bag is cute too!
  9. i love banana. and that color is beautiful
  10. There are some great coupon codes in deals and steals for BR
  11. I think its very elegant and looks expensive.
  12. I just checked out the colors and the white looks nice too. BR has some really cute new bags!
  13. I think it is really cute - what a great pop of color for spring! :flowers:
  14. i love it! it's very nice looking. i don't think its TOO green, as some have said. green isn't exactly my favorite color, but i love this bag!
  15. I work at BR and love the bag as it looks on the computer screen but I don't love the color as much IRL. I've played around with the one in our store for a few nights now, but there are other bags there I like more!