Cute/Girly or Childish?

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  1. I just found out on Bank Of American Checking accounts, I can get a Hello Kitty themed debit card, and checks.



    Do you think that this is cute/girly or will look childish? I'm 19, almost 20, and a college student.
  2. Do you really care? I mean how many people are really going to see your cc and checks? And are they the kind of people you really care about impressing? It's hard to put it into words, but I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you think it's cute you should go for it! Who cares what cashiers at the mall think, kwim? :shrugs:
  3. Very true! I don't know if I have to pay to change my card expressions, that would stink.
  4. When I got my bank account they gave me the hello kitty checks for free...I don't find it childish...I think it Cute!
  5. I think it's cute!!!!!
  6. Yeah, IDK if they make you pay but that would be annoying! I only have a bank card and they don't let you choose. It's sooo ugly-- a man's hand writing a check :s

    If they let me pick, I'd *totally* get a Hello Kitty card! :nuts:
  7. I'll bump the Hello Kitty thread up but we've discussed the HK debit card ^^ Come join us ... btw, I have the card and it's sooo cute and it's just a card so why would it be childish?
  8. I am 22 and disney princess checks! My family thinks I am pathetic, but I think they're pretty rad. The only time I am embarrassed is when I have to hand one over to a really hunky guy, but I tend to laugh it off then too!
  9. Cute when you are your age. Do it while you can.
  10. cute
  11. I think as long as YOU like it, then that's really the only person that matters. Since you are the one who has to use that and write checks, why not go with something that you really like?

    And just as a reference, I'm 22 and would order those in a heartbeat if I could. In fact I'm waiting on my current checks to run out so that I can get Hello Kitty ones.
  12. I think it's cute! As long as YOU like it, who cares what others think?
  13. i think it's adorable, and there's nothing wrong with being a little silly every now and then!
  14. i really want one of those hk cards :love: a lady in her 70s came to my work and she was using care bear checks! (it was the 25th anniversary ones!) :love:
  15. i a cashier at a mall, and i would be like oooooooooooooo cute! :shame: I agree, get what you think is cute, who cares what anyone else thinks! I wear socks to work with dogs, care bears, betty boop, bright colored stripes haha :shame:
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