Cute, fun hoodies for summer nights?

  1. I'm looking for cute, fun summer hoodies for those nights where it's on the chilly side, or for when I'm by the beach, etc - links, pics, stores all welcome!

  2. Hey, Livin, you might try They have some great hoodies. has some good ones, too. You might try brands like Ever, Primp, Mike and Chris, Trovata, and/or Diesel. Hope this helps!
  3. Juicy hoodies are always cute!
  4. I love Juicy, Hollister and Abrecrombie hoodies.
  5. i just love juicy and abercrombie hoodies.
  6. Gap has some nice hoodies this season as well.
  7. Hollister and AE have cute affordable hoodies
  8. I love Primp!!
  9. I saw cute, cheap ones in the Victoria's Secret catalogue. I got white, black and hot pink, all for $19 apiece. They're cotton and are zip up.
  10. Gap