Cute, fun hoodies for summer nights?

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  1. I'm looking for cute, fun summer hoodies for those nights where it's on the chilly side, or for when I'm by the beach, etc - links, pics, stores all welcome!

  2. OMG *embarassed* I posted this in the wrong forum! *blushes!!!* I thought I posted this in the wardrobe! Oh my... :s
  3. Primp hoodies!
  4. I just bought this hoody:

  5. Where does one find primp hoodies?
  6. What about VS pink hoodies? They have light colored ones and you could get one in the terry cloth so it would be lightweight.
  7. I love primp hoodies!!
  8. my fav hoodies are juicy but primp/twisted heart are a very close second. twisted heart does fleece sooo soft (better quality than juicy/primp imo).
  9. Primp hoodies can be found in many online stores such as bloomingdales and shopbop.

    This is my favorite from last year...
  10. OMG, poker13, i love that!!!!!!!!! where did you find it?

  11. Love that sinful hoodie with the angel wings on the back. :tup:

    The VS pink hoodies are cute! I have a few of those. The sale is going on right now so you would be able to get one cheaper.

    I love hoodies!
  12. I also love shopbop for primp and daszign for 2bfree, they have super cute and comfy stuff