Cute for a Bachelorette Party?

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  1. What do you gals think of this navy blue dress for a bachelorette party? We will be out at the bars in the cities...
  2. I think its perfect!
  3. cute! it looks really comfy also.
  4. Pair it up w/some nude platform pumps I was thinking??
  5. ^definitely. i love that look
  6. YAY! I may have an outfit planned... love when this happens, LOL ;)
  7. I love it! Mind sharing where it's from? I really like the color, the drop waist and the fact it's a mini dress!
  8. love it!
  9. Gucci double platforms with this dress, it is awesome! do you actually own it or are you going to buy it?
  10. Definitely cute! I agree with True Religion, I'd like to know where the dress is from too!
  11. Nope don't own it, was looking to get it though...

    Its on
  12. Love it!!!! It's fun, cute, sexy but not trashy! :smile:
  13. That is adorable! I love dresses with cutout sleeves, which hide the very parts of my arms I'm not so fond of... I want one!:smile: There are so many cute and inexpensive dresses on that site! Is this only a UK website/brand?
  14. You can change the currency over on the upper right, they ship to the US and some other countries I believe? I just bought a dress (posted it in the what was your most recent clothing purchase forum) and the material and the fit is quite perfect
  15. WAY hot.