cute find for V-day

  1. So how cute is this(im so proud of my dorky idea! Lol) :
    I found this online and got this for all my girlfriends for valentines day! - now im trying to decide what flavors match thier personality :smile:
    Lol- no solicitation- but it was a really nice homemade natural lipbalm- im preferential to bees wax. Im hooked every since I got some homemade beeswax balm in Australia.

    Your neighborhood lip anything junkie-
    (ps I gave in and bought the smashbox o-gloss lol). :graucho:
  2. cute! every year for christmas i get a set of something to give to my girlfriends and then i break them up based on who they are too! last year i bought large tins of plumeria girl lip balms and gave each girl one w/ a jar soy candle that matched the balm's container color. this year i bought envirosax (these cute grocery bag things) and they came in sets of 5 and gave each girl one w/, again, a lip gloss from a set i broke up. i love doing it, too!!!