Cute Fendi Bag on BG site

  1. Love it- the tan with patent black is my favorite color combo for the B-bag line. I say go for it!
  2. I think I prefer the other style of bbag....I really like the colors though....
  3. Cute Color!!
  4. Hi all...dipping my toe in the Fendi pool...

    I saw this too on BG - does anyone have this, any pics? Anything you like/don't like about it? I love dark bags but this one is in my dreams at night!! :love:
  5. cute bag! and i love the spy thats available there as well!
  6. I have this bag but haven't carried it yet. It is so beautifully styled that I currently have it displayed on a shelf in my bedroom, for my tireless viewing pleasure. I'm into bag spectating.:girlsigh:

    The only thing I would change about it is the handle drop. I like my bags tucked in higher up, and this handle is a tad longer than I like. Also it only has one compartment, which is fine with me, but may be less than ideal for others.

    But it really is a thing of beauty. In my view it combines a little bit of the over-the-top-in-your-face bold design of its older sibling, the B Fendi, with a more understated yet shameless sophistication. LOVE!

    I'll post pics soon.
  7. Here they are, as promised. Pic quality is bad because I took them in high resolution and then shrank them to make them downloadable. I'll know better next time.

    FEW1.jpg few2.jpg few3.jpg few4.jpg few5.jpg
  8. ^^ thank you, decophile! My NM card is going to choke but I have this on the way as I've got to get it out of my system (or keep it??). Thanks for the scoop on shoulder drop and inside compartments. No worries on just having one as long as there's a cell pocket or a quick way to grab it.

  9. Pursegrrl, there is no cell compartment, but definitely easy to grab things out of. The opening of that one compartment doesn't collapse on itself to obstruct digging and grabbing.

    I actually have a really hard time grabbing anything quickly out of my Chloe Paddy, even though it has two outside pockets. But the pockets are so deep and they fold down on themselves creating a mini "secret compartment." If something slinks down into the deep cavern of the pseudo secret compartment (my cell phone, keys and blackberry always end up there), I'll never see it again! ;)

    Let us know when your new purchase arrives. The leather is unbelievable, and smells fabulous. I also have the black one; stunning in a whole different way.
  10. ^^ thanks for the additional info - much appreciated!! I hear you about 'secret compartments' getting created when bags and their pockets fold in on themselves. That even happens in my Kooba; it has a couple inside pockets but they are loosely cut so my phone and headset fall out all the time into the deep burrows of the purse ;)

    You bet, I'll post pix once the first Fendi is here!
  11. I'd like to bump this thread because I'd like to get the consensus on this model 1 year later...

    ...I'm seriously considering getting the black one. Thoughts?
  12. If the size works for you, I say go for it! I need a little more space & require the medium size B Bag...but wish I could get this style instead!
  13. ^ I was thinking either this or a Chanel medium flap...the only thing is, this bag is a "bargain" (can't believe I'm saying that) compared to Chanel's 2K price tag. And this one is bigger, I think!

    I'm just wondering if it can be worn casually though as well...
  14. I just bought this bag in Oak and I really like it. I can get all my essentials in it, including my long wallet. I plan to use it as a weekend bag.