cute dog in picture.. but real or fake bag?

  1. Who is this Bryan boy I have heard quite a bit of through Tpf, who is he? haha :flowers:
  2. he's blogger at my space

    Not too sure about the bag but it looks real..cute dog anyway..
  3. Is that your site?
  4. the bag and dog belong to me...

    and here he is in my Noe :smile:
    IMG_4392.jpg IMG_4771.jpg
  5. Nope,
    here is the site I posted my bag and dog on
  6. that's pretty cool..we should have a thread like that so everyone knows roughly what can fit in some bag styles...
  7. I love the site, I want to submit a picture now.
  8. aww that puppy is sooo cute in the LV!!! we should have more posts of pets in our LVs lol (just kidding)
  9. I love your dog! - and the bags are nice too.;)
  10. awwwww cute dog :love: and gorgeous bag ofcourse
  11. thanks, he's spoiled :smile: