Cute Dior sandals on sale!

  1. Those are very cute.
  2. Very nice! :heart:
  3. i really like those!!!
  4. oh my the are lovely ! and they would be even cuter if they were pink! :drool:

    i dont know why but im always afraid to buy shoes without trying them on first i have to limit myself to what is in the shops here in Dublin ...and its not much and sometimes a model sells out within a day or two ...crazy ! :sweatdrop:
  5. oh! :drool::heart:

    now if only i didn't have ugly feet.
  6. wow soooo sexy.. but the price still aint good for my pocket! sigh! so i am opting for the Dior Logo Slides ..the white one there on sale. At neiman, it's at USD188..there at BG the sale price increased already
  7. Those heels are soo cute!
  8. Super cute. Too bad they don't have it in my size. :crybaby: