Cute Dior Bag missing

  1. I saw a cute Dior one of a kind Chris Dior Raggae saddle bag on E Bay with an international seller and put it in my watch list and now it is missing from my watch list and I cannott find it in E Bay anywhere. Where did it go? Should I have been notified if it was removed by someone?
  2. If it was taken down by eBay because it was counterfeit, you may not have been notified. Also, the seller may have taken it down themselves.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I thought it was real and it was the bag I wanted most on the list. Now I'm going to be searching for one like it if Dior even made it.
  4. Ebay took it down. If a seller cancels the ad it still shows up but states 'seller ended auction early as item is no longer available' or something similar to that statement. When ebay wipes it out its GONE.