Cute Dakota Fanning - an MJ fan already!

  1. They start so young! Dakota Fanning pictured with a pair of MJ boots from Teen Vogue. Love her quote!:P I'm not sure about the hat though.

    (I hope it's okay that this is in this forum even though it doesn't have to do with MJ bags. Jill - feel free to move it if necessary.:yes: )
  2. She looks like she crawled from a tomb :biggrin:
  3. :lol: Nola - you're right! Normally she's an adorable little thing but she looks a little scary in that particular pic!
  4. Ew.... she looks... terrible..
  5. Shes so cute but here. . .she looks like she hasnt slept in a week.
  6. She's just creepy-looking. Nice boots tho.
  7. To much war Paint can ruin A Great Face!
  8. I think they actually didnt put any make up on her at all. I saw this mag spread recently and thought the same "creepy" thing. She is so young and clad in designer gear that is above her age. The MJ stuff looks adorable on her though - i just wish they used a little concealer under her eyes.
  9. ok - second thought - maybe she does have make up - still no concealer.
  10. i saw this in teen vogue too. i think she looks great in most of the pics. except this one. shes cute though. :smile: