Cute Cute Cute!!!!

  1. I do not carrry Coach bags much anymore (but there are some gorgeous ones out there!!!) I LOVE the new dog collars for this season!! I can get 2 for the price of one that I pay for the LV ones. (which is great since I have 2 dogs!!!) Check them out!!!:yes:
  2. I know they came out with some gorgeous ones!
  3. They are super cute!!!
  4. makes me wish my a-hole of an ex hadn't stolen my dog...:sad:
    little chloe would've looked SO cute...
  5. ^ and you can't get chloe back??

    that's horrible! usually the guys are suppose to give the dogs over to the girl when there's a breakup.
  6. ^^WTF! I think we need to have a little PF intervention at that A-holes place! Everyone grab your heaviest bag and come on!
  7. ^^Seriously, is it a done deal? There has to be some way to get her back?
  8. He took youur dog? is there something you can use as a bargaining chip - maybe something you have that he wanted back that you can trade for Chloe????
  9. ^^I still like the idea of beating him into submission with a Chloe Paddington though. But alas if we must be civil, may a trade be in order?
  10. i tried to get her back...
    i threatened with taking him to small claims and then he hit i dropped it. hes totally not worth getting the &%^ beat out of me again.
    and, besides. i took some stuff thats almost worth what i paid for the dog. haha. and if you saw this weeks postsecret, one of mine is posted. i found a way to screw him over- i made sure of that.
    but i dont want that dog would remind me too much of him and too many bad freaking memories.
  11. Kallison, I have my huge legacy shoulder tote thing whatever the name is ready! You just let me know when! haha

    Also, was it the pregnant one or ugly new gf one?
  12. the pregnant one. :devil:
    a-hole deserves it for breaking my heart.

    ooh. we're gonna get tpf to beat him up!