Cute Cute Cute Dior!!!

  1. I was looking to see if my own Dior Detective Bag made it to the public search listings area on and bumped into this...

    eBay: Authentic Christian Dior Detective Limited Edition (item 330047583244 end time Nov-14-06 13:25:12 PST)

    If this weren't in green I think I'd actually splurg on this and be in debt for the next few months!!!!!! It's so cute, especially with their Eden jewelry style!

    Anyone seen any other incredibly cute Dior bags?
  2. Wow that's a beauty. I haven't seen that before too. Love love love :heart:

    Edited to add: I just saw the starting bid :sad:
  3. how cute!:smile::love:
    whats the price for this listing?
  4. WOW! that is gorgeous!!!!!
  5. That is so cute.
  6. I saw this bag in person this past summer at one of the smaller Dior is even cuter in was on sale and they had a beautiful turquoise blue one as well...both retailed for $1600 I believe.
  7. OMG :drool: Yummmmmmmmmmy:drool:
  8. OH MY GOD ! It's tooo cute !

    Now imagine that in pink, wow.. I'd definitely go into debt for that ! :graucho:
  9. :wtf: I think...I love her. That bag is too too cute:love:
  10. Turquoise blue version?!?!!?!? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Too tempting...thank goodness for the exceptionally high price for such a small least that will keep me from splurging on it.
  11. How come the seller has 2 limited edition bags, it's not fair :crybaby:. They're really cute but no budget for bags ATM.
  12. gosh.... those are gorgeous bags!! :drool:
    I really love this pink one :heart:


    Now I wish I had a spare $1150 lying around! ;)