Cute Customer service story

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  1. Just before the holidays, I ordered a Cole Haan bag, the Village paillette hobo, from Marshall Fields. It arrived a week later and I noticed that it didn't have its dust bag.

    I called customer service, and asked if I could have a dust bag sent to me. The service rep said he'd have to get one from the store, and he couldn't do it until the next morning. He was in Minneapolis, so the store had just closed for the night. He said he'd call me back and let me know if he was able to get one.

    The next day, he called back and said that he'd personally gone down to the store, and gotten the dust bag from the handbag department. He said the sales associate assured him it was the right size for my bag.

    Then he said: It's red with Cole Haan printed on it in gold. Is that okay? Will a red one work?

    I said: Yeah, it's supposed to be red, they're all red. It's just for storing the bag in.

    He said: It's for storage? You mean it's not something you wear with the bag?

    I said: No, it's just to protect it and keep it clean when you put it away. You don't actually wear it.

    He said: Oh, sorry. I do not know about these things. I will send this one right out to you.

    He was so nice; it was just so cute that he thought you wear the dustbag with the purse. :lol:
  2. What a cute and clueless man. :lol:
  3. Sounds like a man I'd be attracted too--totally clueless about purses!
  4. That's adorable, and excellent customer service.
  5. That is too sweet. Awww... ;)

    I was pondering today while at Costco if anyone carries their dust bag around in case they would ever have to set their bag down, say in a shopping cart. Maybe a handkerchief? (sp?) LOL
  6. I actually reuse my grocery bags--the paper kind with handles... Anyways, I put them in the basket before I put my purse in there. :shame::shame:
  7. :lol: that IS a cute story!
  8. i've thought about carrying the dust bag with me for my more expensive bags...i'm a student, i encounter many dirty places people want me to put my bag.
  9. :love:
  10. Awwww...that's so sweet! :P
  11. have any of y'all tried those portable purse hangers, that attach to tabletops? I have been wondering about those, as I don't ever set my purse on the floor.
  12. How cute! :lol:
  13. Aww, that's adorable :biggrin:

  14. I'm a student as well and always have my dustbags with me. I think I'd do that even if I werent a student though. Getting caught in the rain sucks, the dustbag has saved me countless times. It may look ridiculous taking it out, but hell if I'm going to take a bag that costs thousands of dollars out into a storm:lol:
  15. I totally do that same thing with the shopping carts. Or some places give you wet wipes to clean the handle and child seat area of the carts, I use that before even thinking of putting my bad in there.