Cute compact mirror to carry?

  1. I saw an old Coach one-but, can't find it anymore. I would like to buy a compact mirror that i can carry in my purse-something nice. any suggestions? Does anyone make this as an accessory?

    (mods-i am sorry if this is in the wrong forum-I wasn't sure where to put it)
  2. This is random and cheap but I bought one from Claire's in the mall...its white with little crystals (fake obviously!) glued on the top.

    But now that I bought makeup from Chanel I use their powder compact as my mirror.

    O I almost forgot White House/Black Market has some gorgeous ones!
  3. yer i use my dior make-up compacts as my mirrors, or for a quick fix i use my mirror on my charm on my bag.
  4. [​IMG]

    i use my dior lip palette as a mirror (there's a mirror on the opposite side shown) it's heavy but i had to have it because it was so shiny! :graucho:
  5. Do you want it to be designer or can it be any compact?
  6. Anything nice is fine-I used to use my powder compact-but, I have damaged my make up too many times doing that-it's hard to explain-I stick my finger in it--ugh-trust me!
  7. Well Sephora makes this compact with a brush. I love it. I can look at myself and brush my hair if I notice something out of place. Plus it's only 8 bucks.
  8. [​IMG]

    I found this-what do we think?
  9. I don't really care for the top (kind of depressing...I like happy and pretty)...I swear I am frustrated...I just saw some gorgeous ones...give me a few mintues and I will see if they come to me.
  10. I got a cute little one for about $5 from the body shop!!
  11. If you want to spend bigger dollars I know Jay Strongwater and Judith Leiber makes gorgeous one...I am trying to think of less expensive ones. I did get one from Coach myself. It was double magnifies and it is in leather.
  12. I also suggest a folding brush with a mirror... I got one from Avon years ago... hehe... It's great. :smile:
  13. I got a compact mirror from Avon with little crystals on the top. I call it my Paris Hilton compact!!
  14. Marc Jacobs has a cute one..It's only $5 too
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