Cute, comfy, dressy, and cheap!

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  1. Hey, hoping I came to the right place for help! ;) I am going to Puerto Rico in February and I need a cute, comfy, but dressy (preferably black or silver) pair of shoes (heels not more than 1-1.5 inches, kitten heel also acceptable) for going out at night. I like a glamorous look. I am also hoping for inexpensive, under $50. Can it be done? Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Well I am definitely no expert on inexpensive shoes, my knowledge is in the Couture Shoes area. However, I will try to help. :flowers:

    My Five Recommendations...

    LifeStride "Marnie" Flats
    Price Tag: $45.95 (also available in silver)

    Annie "Toke" Flats
    Price Tag: $46.95

    LifeStride "Mango" Flats
    Price Tag: $40.95

    Yellow Box "Jamison" Flats
    Price Tag: $48.95 (also available in black)

    Annie "Florence" Shoe
    Price Tag: $39.95

    Hope this helps. :rolleyes:
  3. ^^^I love the silver ones... very cute
  4. Thanks for the suggestions! The Annie Toke ones are cute. I am definitely looking for something more along the lines of an "open" sandal or strappy type of shoe because it is going to be so warm there.
  5. Victorias Secret has some cute wedge low heels in black patent and rose gold metallic for 39.99.