Cute, comfortable shoes

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  1. What shoes are casual and comfortable, but still cute? I have a closet full of heels, but not enough options when I need something more comfortable. Sandals are easy in the summer, but what about fall? Are there any alternatives to ballet flats? I have 2 pairs of flat boots that I wear over jeans, but not under. What would look best with bootcut jeans? Skinny jeans?
  2. what about some oxfords?
  3. I just got some Minnetonka Fringe Moccasins from Zappos, and they are very comfortable and my equivalent of sandals. I wear them with skinny, straight, and boot cut jeans. I got them in the darker brown and I'm thinking about getting black because I wear them so much.

    I've tried ballet flats but I have not found any that suit my style and/or are comfortable enough for daily wear.
  4. Oxfords are big this fall, whether they are flat or have a heel, and many of them are very comfortable. Ankle boots are also an option to wear with boot cut or skinny jeans - wedges can look sleeker than flat boots, but they are often a lot more comfortable, too. You might want to look into comfort brand shoes, too, as they are getting better in terms of having medium-height heels that are both cute and very comfortable.
  5. Thank you for all of the suggestions! Maybe it was years of of wearing oxfords to school, but I just can't embrace that trend. I may try on some moccasins-J crew has some that I was considering. For some reason I have trouble balancing the shoes and jeans when i wear flats. I am petite and many options just make me feel dumpy.
  6. super comfy and cool but not sure about 'cute' - hogan interactive.

    for comfy and cute I like to go for tod's flats
  7. I'm wearing my Clarks artisan mary janes! They are fllat like a ballet shoe but are extremely light weight, lined in leather and can be worn everyday..They are that comfortable! They look a little like this (mine are last year's model)
    Clarks also makes a great heeled clog. I love mine!!
  8. What about Sperrys? I LIVE in mine, they are amazingly comfortable and go with everything!
  9. Mid-heeled booties? I have one from Clarks, previous season. It's my fave shoes right now!