Cute Choo Shoes at Foot Candy!

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  1. These really cute flats are at, they are not on sale, but there are some Choos that are for pretty good prices! These are only $340.
  2. Funny you should post about Footcandy. I was just looking at Footcandy and these blue watersnake Margo pumps caught my eye! Hey V_o, they would go with the Ciggy!


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  3. I love those Margo's in red!
  4. ^I've been lusting over that Ciggy for months. Those shoes would be so great with it!
  5. :drool: Ohhhhhh so sad that I can't wear heels anymore!:crybaby: but thanks anyway babe!:heart:
  6. Both shoes are gorgeous! I like that color of blue. Zebra Girl:flowers:
  7. cute!