Cute Chloe mention in latest "Shopaholic"

  1. Shopping at Sam's Club Monday I noticed the newest Shopholic novel had arrived on the scene: "Shopaholic & Baby". I have every title in the series and eagerly snatched it up. There is one interaction with Becky and a "Fabia" who lives on Delamaine Road in Maida Vale - which I take is a very posh address - and Fabia demands a tan Chloe Silverado in exchange for....well... I won't give it away!:winkiss:
  2. Oh, I love SO much Shopaholic books! Cannot wait untill the new book arrives in Ukraine! I've read and re-read all of them like a hundred times. Now the new book will be even dearer to me after mentioning Chloe!
  3. Here's my problem with the Shopaholic book, I have morphed into the main character. I remember reading and thinking how can she keep buying? Well now I understand.

    It will be painful to read this newest addition (yes Nata you will lend it to me like all the others)
  4. LOL girls! I love these books although they are not too deep or anything. Just very charming. I wish I could send it to you ver - but it probably costs more than the book is worth! And Suze - I thought I gave it to Mom today but I forgot. Maybe you'll have it for Easter????
  5. LOL!!! I love the shopaholic books too - totally hilarious!!