Cute CHEAP tote bag at Target!

  1. I'm a mom so I always need tote bags- lots of tote bags! So I was strolling through Target yesterday and the Devi Kroell for Target tote bags are on clearance!!!
    It's faux-snakeskin in metallic anthracite and it is HUGE with pockets inside!!! It was originally $50 now it's $35!!!
  2. Cute, I saw that and the metallics are great this fall. Congrats!
  3. I was really impressed with some of the bags Target has. They also have some cheap, but nice wallets designed by Issac Mizrahi. They looked really good and the leather felt pretty lush.
  4. There is this new tote from target that is by Issac Mizrahi that is pink and kind of sparkly that is nice and a gold one also. I think it is his holiday collection. The devi totes are cute, but I don't think they fit on your shoulder do they? At least when I went they looked too small to fit on someone's shoulder.
  5. They have the Hollywould bags out now at my local Target stores. I wasn't too impressed with them.
  6. ^^^^ oh no! i saw them online and they looked decent quality. i was excited about them too. oh well.
  7. I love metallics! I'll have to check them out. It's a cheap pleasure!!
  8. I saw them but I didn't really like how the metal hang tags (2 of them) blared out the words Target on them. It felt like an advertisement to me and I just didn't like how they were prominently displayed along with the designer devin kroell. Too much for me for my taste. I might have liked it however if it was more subtle about it.
  9. The quality was fine. It was comparable to all the other Target designer bags. I just didn't like the styles.
  10. I have the Devi Kroell clutch in silver and I love it! It was only $20!!!
  11. shoot, I went to look at my target for the shoes and they didn't have them ... I was thinking they were just online but maybe my target just sucks.

    I keep going back and forth on the tote bag you mention!! I like it, but then I don't like it. can't decide.
  12. I too, went looking for the shoes today. All I saw were the bags. :crybaby:
  13. Yep I ripped those tags off when I cut off the price tag!!! Cute tote bag and great for the park with my son!