Cute, cheap, RED ballerina flats for size 5/6 shoe?

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  1. I have a tiny and diffcult fit. On top of having child-like feet I have freakishly small heels as well. I'm looking for cheap, cute, red ballerina flats that'll fit my requirements!
  2. I found some really cute ones at Ross for cheap.
  3. Where/what's that?
  4. Ross is like Marshalls and TJmaxx. I wear 6-6.5 and sometimes is very hard my size in those places, I think is because is av very common size and they sell fast, the Ross at my city always has nice shoes but I hardly find my size. Have you tried eBay? I saw some cute on Macys. You should try the junior deparment.


    only 34 at

  5. I saw the first ones at macy's and tried on the 6's - too big - and the website is sold out of it in a 5.5 :hrmm:. The 2nd pair doesn't come smaller than a 6 :s
  6. ^ Oops, I didn't check availability. Sorry. Great minds think alike though :p
  7. Try Sam Edelman. I wear a 5, and his size 6 in ballerina flats fits like a 5/5.5. He also makes some really cute red satin ones!!