Cute, Cheap Michael Kors!!!

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  1. I think this is cute and for only $368, I think its a steal, anyone seen it in person???
    [​IMG]black or luggage?
  2. Have not seen it yet, but I have a MK from last Spring and Love it. Great bag.:smile:
  3. I haven't seen it, but it is a very nice bag. Looks to be very pracitcal. I think I prefer the black as I don't particularly like that shade of tan.
  4. oh that's verrrry cute......i'd go for the black. so practical too!
  5. looks pretty big, but it's okay.
  6. i like the luggage better. in black it looks a bit too plain.
  7. I have another MK bag and I love it. Haven't seen this one but I would go for luggage for this particular style.
  8. Cute! MK has some great bags at affordable prices!!
  9. Looks like a pretty practical bag.