Cute charms!!!

  1. I found these charms in Ricky's yesterday (a very cool store in NYC).

    The site doesn't show it but they are charms and I thought they would be so cute on a handbag!! I ended up buying 3, The Princess (The Princess makes sure you always look & feel like a million bucks), Judo Sensei (Judo Sensei promotes health, fitness and the well-being of both body and mind) and Star (Star makes all your wishes come true).

    Now I have to figure out a way to hide them from my daughters :nuts:
  2. I think the little angel is adorable!! :tup:
  3. Plus you can pick the color hair as well. :p
  4. they are similar to voodoo dolls, but made in a cuter form :p seen alot here in malaysia. =)
  5. My 9-year-old daughter has the pirate one on her backpack - they are very popular backpack charms at her school, along with mini Ugly dolls and the Kidrobot Donut keychains. So cute!
  6. I also have the ugly dolls key chain...but this is the first I have heard of the donut whatever they are.....

    Yes, and I just turned 35 years old yesterday!! :p
  7. These are wayyyy cute!
  8. so cute, love the zombie