Cute charm to go with legacy stripe wristlet??

  1. i love to dangle a charm from my wristlets as well as my bags
    anyone have any ideas of a cute classic looking charm to go with the legacy stripe.........i know its already a busy stripe.....but any ideas for something nice.....???
  2. For me it would probably be a Juicy charm, I can't do the mixing metals thing.
  3. I actually have two hanging off mine; the Coach moon and the Coach star. I will take a picture tomorrow; it looks really cute.
  4. thanks kristin and becca............i love the juicy idea and i already have the star charm.......didn't think of either of those ideas........
    thanks ladies
    becca as always would love to see pics
  5. I like the patchwork flower charm on it. colors match perfectly.
  6. Maybe go with a zodiac charm? They're from the same collection.
  7. I love the letter charms, but I think that the star and moon would be GREAT ideas since they are simple enough to keep the attention on the stripes, yet give the cuteness of the charms addition.

  8. ooh, i'd love to see pics too! i just bought one for myself:smile:

  9. great idea!!! i love juicy charms.
  10. i loove looove all juicy. or you might try coach.
  11. how about the pig charm? I have both that and the wristlet and I think they look cute together!
  12. Here is a pic of my wristlet with charms; sorry it took so long for me to take a picture.
    legacy wristlet.JPG

  13. I just got the same wristlet today, the charms look so cute with it!!! Great Idea!!!
  14. okie dokie, i have the picture of Becca's wristlet and the site open, so i'm going to give you the full throttle opinion! whatever i'd buy is what i'll suggest!

    *frolics off searching*

    ok i'd go for the zodiac and the letter of my first name... nice and personal!

    if you wanted something metal, i'd say the signature heart locket is cute, and the heart mix is also!

    i personally like the heart mix or any of the multi metal pieced keyfobs! they're all hot!
  15. I agree. Very cute:yes: