Cute Chanel on Bluefly

  1. haha that is cute! i like the color
  2. oh my gosh!! that's MY bag... i have that little lilac... it's reallly tiny.. =) just mobile phone and tissue.. cna't fit my PDA.. hehe..

    but it's very pretty....
  3. Oh, it's SO cute!! I love the charms on it. What season is it from? It's already gone from Bluefly so I couldn't see the price on it. How much were they selling it for?
  4. It is soo cute, too bad its no longer avail to see the price =(
  5. when duri posted before.. i took a look at it.. it was $850 down from $1850 at bluefly.. (that's crazy cheap!.. i paid retail..hehe)...

    I think it was from s/s 05 (or was it 04)... and it also came in Coral and Cobalt Blue.. =)
  6. Cute!
  7. Is it authentic tho? Because recently they had been selling fake balenciaga and chloe :rant: The price of this bag is 1250 down to 850, I am so tempted but I am worry that it is fake again :hrmm:
  8. I doubt the counterfeiters will make replicas of bag style that's not common...especially with the charm, which is probably extra work to make.
  9. Thx, it is a very cute bag, but it is too small....... it is not too practical:Push:
  10. Hello :smile:

    Does anyone know if these mini baguette's are available in store's at the moment? Are Chanel likely to release this size bag agian? Their just the cutest!!!