Cute Chanel flats

  1. Does anyone own cute satin CHANEL flats with cute ribbon on top? If yes, pls post photos.

    I saw them in NM in black and beige. So cute, so comfy, but the way it is too pricey!:drool: 850$!!!!!! I couldn't fine the pic's, probably coes its Chanel. :confused1:
  2. oh.. these ones look nice..
  3. oh cute!
  4. They're so cute but the price isn't so cute.
  5. :nuts:i likey...but the price...meh. I pray they are around during the Chanel sale heck even NM next sale.
  6. Very cute!!
  7. You're welcome! Thanks for responding to my Juicy Couture thread! :tup:

    The flats are cute, price could be better lol.
  8. Definitely cute shoes, not so cute pricetag!