Cute cashmere sweaters??

  1. Does anyone know of any cute, form fitting cashmere sweaters??? I'm tiny, so a form fit is important. Any brands or styles, (pictures too) would be appreciated. thanks.
  2. J. Crew!!!! :love best sweaters ever! You have to take care of them though...always dry clean! They get ruined very very easily in the wash...obviously. Don't make the same mistake I did!!! haha

    Others: ralph lauren, lacoste! Lacoste V-necks look quite sexy on!
  3. Try J.Crew!! I love them too!
  4. jcrew and vince =)
  5. the brand Eternal Child makes very cute cashmere sweaters

  6. Definitely try J. Crew, although I find that they run a bit big.
  7. J.crew
  8. Jcrew has 2 on clearance that I was looking @ today.
  9. Definitely J Crew... I even got a VERY nice one at Express (5 years ago)
  10. I tried on today a fall cashmere at J. Crew, and it was wonderfully soft. Much softer than last years. Must of switched vendors. I didn't buy it, because I'm waiting until end of next week when they get in cardigans (my preference).
  11. Vince, J. Crew, and Theory consistently put out great cashmere.
  12. Here here!!
  13. ^I agree too!
    I recently got an oversized Vince cashmere sweater that's black and grey striped. I love it...I'm wearing it with everything!
  14. i don't like to spend a lot on my sweaters bc they always get messed up in the wash when i accidentally throw them in. i like thin cashmere blend sweaters and i usually get mine from abercrombie, express, gap, or banana republic.