cute card holder?

  1. hey all, im looking for something small lightweight and slim that i can keep my SAs business cards with the stuff im interested in written on the back, like a small tin card box or fabric box? any suggestions? since its a small accessorie it can be as funky, cute, elegant, chic, or mod as you can find one, not looking for a particular style. any suggestions?
  2. I like the LV cles!
  3. i use my lv multicolore carnet and multicolore cles for these purposes. it's cute and adorable... :P
  4. MJ makes a pretty cool card case.
  5. how about a dior card holder? i have one and it can hold quite alot of cards.
  6. I use a coach hamptons mini skinny...but I'm sure they have some card cases as well.
  7. oh let me go check those out! i was thinking i would like something metal instead of fabric, to shake things up. lol ive been using an altoid box..
  8. Lillian Vernon has some nice metal card cases. You can get them engraved, and they are inexpensive.
  9. Lodis makes a cute card holder in leather in pretty colors. I have a couple of those.