Cute Canvas or Nylon Tote for Laptop

  1. I am a college student and am looking for a good nylon/canvas tote to put my notebook and laptop in. I have a tiny laptop, so as long as its more than 11'' in one direction I'm good. I don't want a longchamp becasue EVERYONE has those where I go to school, and I don't really like the generic canvas J.Crew totes either. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance! And I'm looking to spend no more than $100 because my school bags always get messed up.:confused1:
  2. Have you tried looking at There are lots of really cute affordable totes there. Since a lot of them are made by the seller, you can get a really unique one.

    For b&m, Anthropologie has some cute ones. I found a cute large Orla Kiely tote at Nordstrom for $83.
  3. Thanks! Any other suggestions? I am planning on going to Anthropologie this weekend, their website doesn't have much but I figured they might have something. I haven't found anything that really suits me at Nordstrom, I looked a few days ago in the store and online. I want something kind of funky and cool, I don't like to have the same bags as everyone else. As you can see I'm really picky! Thanks again!

    I love the Marc Jacobs Teri in Poppy but I can't justify that much for a book bag that will be thrown in the floor.
  4. i was gonna suggest harve chaplier, but i wouldnt consider that funky...

    wat about urban outfitters?