cute camera case?

  1. i got a new toy's so cute...sleek, small, and pink! i can finally retire my big, heavy sony (although that one does take better pictures than my new one). i just need a case to carry her in. what do you guys carry your digi cams in? i have a wapity, but it's too big for the camera. i want a small case that doesn't add bulk to the camera (so it can fit in my new chanel bag). The camera measures 3.7" x 2" x 1". Thank you!
    DSC06054.JPG DSC06055.JPG DSC06056.JPG
  2. I carry mine in a wristlet to take out and stuff. What about a wapity?
  3. I carry my camera in a Poire cell phone pouch.
  4. Cute Camera!! I just got a pink one too and I am using my wapity, its a little bit bigger but I still like it. Post what you end up getting! I am curious! :smile:
  5. My wapity fits my camera and cell phone, so I use that alot. Also, I have one from canon (I have the elph), it is just black leather, not the most stylish, but is fits perfect (duh...) so it adds no bulk, and I use the belt loop on back to hold the extra battery.
  6. chanelpouch.jpg

    Chanel Has A Cute Pouch You Can Use To Put Ur Cam In!

    ( Pic From A Fellow Pf Member...i Dont Remember Whos..)
  7. That's mine- thanks for posting ticklemethu:flowers: . That one is perfect for a camera like yours.
  8. Le Sportsac Toki Doki has a cute one for around $88.

  9. lol! there you are!!! i totally saved that pic from back then...:P
  10. Swee7bebe, that's a good-looking camera. May I make two suggestions?

    Seabreezestudio's shop has several mini box pouches which you might wish to consider. A satisfied customer (please scroll down to an entry dated 8/3/06) has used it to carry her digicam:

    Etsy - Your place to buy and sell all things handmade

    seabreezestudio's Etsy Shop - Mini box pouch - Japanese pink rabbit


    Description[​IMG]size: W5.25" x H3" x D1.5" / W13.5 x H8cm x D4cn
    Outer fabric: cotton (fabric imported from Japan)
    Inner fabric: nylon (black and white polka dot)
    Closure: zip

    Red and sage green available.


    Here are examples of some other fabrics available right now:

    seabreezestudio's Etsy Shop - Mini box pouch - Japanese owl print in grey

    seabreezestudio's Etsy Shop - Mini box pouch - Japanese cream cherry print


    seabreezestudio's Etsy Shop - Mini box pouch - Ruby

  11. ok passerby you are obsessssed with taht site


    where di du guys get your pink camera?S
  12. BabyBoo...I got my camera at 6th Ave Electronics.

    Passerby...thank you for those links. They have a lot of cute stuff.
  13. Rose...what are the measurements of your camera bag? That is waaaay too cute. It probably costs more than my camera, though.