Cute button-up shirts!

  1. Have any of you visited a web site called The Giant Peach? I found it today and came across some really cute Tokidoki button up shirts (I'll try to paste some pics in)! They have the Cactus friends patches on the white one and what looks to be the Adios Star patches on the black one. I was really surprised to find shirts that I hadn't seen before (the web site does sell a lot of other shirts I've seen) you think they are real and perhaps come from the European collection?
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. They are definitely real. A couple of seasons ago? I only see the white button up, never the black (grrr).

    I visited The Giant Peach? I think it was expensive.

    The white one use to sell for $32 someplace in the MOA.. haha but it's really cute, I wish I bought it when I saw it =[
  3. Yup, definitely real, JYS, and a couple seasons ago, like tokipoki said. :yes:
    Giant Peach is a valid seller/site.
  4. Great! Thank you for the info:tup:. They are I'll just have to drool over them for now (besides, I just ordered the Adios hoody from Karmaloop). Glad I came across that seller!
  5. oh! supposedly coupon code 'reesycakes' takes 10% off from the giant peach if you do decide to order from them. someone on here has one of the button-ups and said it's very nice, i think..or was that lj?