cute but expensive....sunglasses?

  1. Do you think expensive sunnies are worth the money? I am up in arms on this one??? Could we please discuss what all you think on this one? I mean they are....PLASTIC!
  2. I used to spend a lot of money on them. But they break to easily, and let me say I am very careful with my thing. I have not bought a pair since Feb.
  3. i've just had the one pair of chanels. i don't even use the case, and they haven't changed form for me at all. i find that they fit better on my face than most cheaper versions, so i love mine. i prolli wouldn't buy too many at a time, but i def think they are worth it. i mean, you're already spending thousands upon thousands on bags..why not for another accessory you'd use almost everyday?
  4. See that was my justification for the glasses.. I use them everyday, so it has to be worth it right.. if you use them each day???? :wtf:
  5. I think $500 is a little much and of course the ones I want are in that range, but some are more like $300 which I would do...
  6. yes! and most are plastic anyway, just take care of them.
  7. I recently bought the MOP glasses, which I love, and don't see around as often as people have said. I get loads of compliments on them, which makes the money spent on them worth it....... another way to justify buying them... LOL
    I just hope people don't think they are fake! eeeek
  8. yes it does seem silly paying more than hundreds of dollars for sunglasses, but with Chanel not only are you buying the name...but quality in my opinion.

    I have two sunglasses and although they are completely different from each other (5079 and 6006) they are very comfortable sitting on my face and they have the best protection from the glare of the sun when I'm driving (especially the 5079).

    I also have cheap sunglasses from Urban Outfitters (like $10-15) and they are soley for trends because they dont last very long and are not as durable as the Chanels.

    I wear the 6006(brown) almost everyday (I alternate with others) and when not wearing them i put them in my handbag (which can be dangerous because I dont always put them back in the case) and they haven't scratched (dramatically) or broke.
  9. ok am feeling better now, thanks all:woohoo:
  10. I have Chanel regular everyday glasses and I love them. I want to get a pair of Chanel sunglasses next. I say go for it!!!!
  11. Oh I did thats the problem,, I'm feeling guilty :confused1:
  12. don't feel guilty! ;) post pics of your new sunnies !
  13. Don't feel guilty...I just bought my 6th pair of sunglasses. I have 3 pairs of Oliver Peoples, 2 pairs of Tom Fords, and one pair of Rock & Republic. Sunglasses are fun and they change your look. You wear them everyday!!
  14. thats true.. so we then all agree $300+ for sunnies is worth it? All in favor raise your hand...
  15. the most i ever spent on sunglasses was $150. so i always thought $300+ was a lot for a pair, but my sis got these $335 versace ones and i just saw those chanel 6014's and i want them now. so yet i will now agree. haha.