cute but comfy outfit? opinions on this ensemble...

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  1. I was reading My Fashion Life, a blog I enjoy ( and came across this post today detailing a "cute but comfy" outfit for weekends, etc. when you want to be really comfortable but don't want to look like you are wearing sweatpants.

    Just curious, what are your opinions on this outfit they put together? Do you think it works? Would you wear it? They suggested adding an American Apparel jersey scarf to complete the look:


    What do you wear when you really want to be comfortable but still look cute?
  2. i would totally wear it to run errands and around the house.
  3. The outfit definitely looks comfy, but I'm not too sure about cute.
  4. my lazy days, i wear comfortable jeans, ballet flats, and a cashmere hoodie.
  5. You can definitely make this outfit cuter. :amuse: It looks comfy though! On my comfy/lazy days..I either go for the typical LA-casual style, cashmere hoodie (light one), simple but cute tank top (usually from A&F), 7FAM skinny jeans, and Lanvin flats with a big tote. My other choice is Pumas, sweats and a comfy hoodie from A&F. lululemon makes awesome pants.
  6. very cute outfit! I think leggings would make the outfit cuter instead of the sports trousers...
  7. I'm not crazy about the pants at all - they look way to much like spandex to be comfortable. The ballets flats and v-neck are both cute, but I would wear them either with a juicy velour tracksuit or jeans and a cashmere hoodie like iluvapples123 mentioned. Overall I'm not crazy about the sweater pictured, but I do love the sleeves and I think that it would be an amazing sweater if it were a good 8 inches or so shorter and did not have the pockets - so, you know, if it were basically a totally different sweater but with those sleeves :p!!
  8. I like the idea of a leggings (not spandex) with a long cardigan. that's basically what i throw on when i want to be comfortable! and a nice big scarf.
  9. Lol, I have those pants! I wear them to play tennis here when the weather is too cool for my skirts. They are comfy, not too tight. More of a yoga pant, but still I dunno about wearing them as a casual outfit.
  10. Thanks for the feedback so far. I agree about being unsure of wearing sports spandex.

    What do you think of this one? It was from some Oprah makeover show, and the woman is wearing Old Navy Yoga pants as bottoms:

    From the site:
    • Old Navy yoga pants, $16.50
    • Old Navy rust safari shirt/jacket, $39.50
    • Old Navy yellow tank, $8.50
    • Gap black flats, $34.50
    • Old Navy purse, $19.50
    To achieve this sporty look, Lloyd dressed Jackie in a bright top and swapped out her velour sweats with a pair of black yoga pants. The best part? The pants cost just $16.50. "A lot of ladies think yoga pants are for the skinny-mini gym bunnies," he says. "[But] they're for every woman if you find the right fit. … They're slimming because they snap at the hip and flair at the leg."
  11. If you change the workout pants to leggings, its workable.
  12. I like it but would change the pants to simple leggings. Maybe add a bit of colour? With a grey piece and a black legging you can add a coloured shirt or cardigan.