cute brush

  1. [​IMG]

    Price: $495.00

    NYC Peach - Mason Pearson Large

    Yes it is a Mason Pearson hairbrush - but with a NYC Peach twist. Hand applied Swarovski crystal on your purse size (9" x 3") hair brush. Your Mason Pearson hairbrush will last you a lifetime. Available in blue geometric design, silver with pink flowers, purple geometric design, orange and brown "V" design, pink diamond design and black/grey/silver diamond design. (please allow 2 weeks for delivery)

    but not for that price
  2. It's so weird, I don't think twice about paying an insane amount for a handbag or clothes but when I see something like this I can't believe it.
    Honestly, a $500 hairbrush? lmao
    Am I the only one here that feels this way?
  3. Nope $5.00 for my brush works for me. What happens when the crystals start to fall off?
  4. Nope, I'm right there with you :lol:
  5. Although I would never pay $500 for a hairbrush, I do have to say that regular, non-embellished Mason Pearson brushes are really great. Have any of you used it?
  6. They dont even look that nice? thats about £250 hmm na id rather by some clothes!
  7. Despite the look, I prefer the plain Fekkai brushes.
  8. i haven't used a brush in....years.

    i have really curly hair, brushing is a no-no, i just have to go through it well with my fingers in the shower.

    and i hate things covered in Swarovski's just kinda trashy. maybe that's just because i associate it with Paris Hilton, though.
  9. Isn't NYC Peach the same company that did Paris Hilton's Sidekick? I think that is their add crystals to almost any and everything.