Cute Bag?

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  1. do you think this bag is cute?

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  2. Its very cute. Bottega Veneta, right? I personally think its too expensive for what it is, but if you have the money.....its very nice.
  3. yeah....steep price, 2750? Worth it? They have a similar flap bag for 1650 (smaller sized one)

  4. To me, it's too much $ for such a small bag unless it's Chanel. ;)
  5. I think it is very pretty and the craftmanship is probably well worth it.

    But the color scheme kinda drives me away. I usually don't dress in earthtones.
  6. there's also this bag, their flap bag (this is the larger), I think the smaller one is cute, plus the bottom flap doesn't extend past the bottom of the bag base. do you think this is cute? is this their topaz color?

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  7. That is so pretty! The price isn't :wacko:
  8. I actually favor the first posted bag over the second because I think it's unique. The first also comes in a black version I think .. but I do agree that the price isn't so pretty. :sad: Soybean, you didn't get the tooled or the ball bag? You'll find your perfect Bottega soon!
  9. Its adorable :biggrin: I bet it feels great too.
  10. I love the first bag in black, infact I could not get my hands on it, I tried. I saw it on NAP in these earth tones also. Not for me, but I love this bag in black...well worth the price! The second bag I find too matronly. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR SEARCH!
  11. that bag is to cute
  12. I haven't got a BV yet, still searching for the perfect one, and my first one! It is soooo frustrating because I don't live in the city, plus their website is so limited. I've been looking at their fashion shows online to get a better pic. of bag availability. their new spring collection is pretty nice. I've narrowed it down to this one cute bag, the ball, and tooled. If I don't blow on an overly pricey one, ive considered getting two....we'll see. My fiance thinks I'm insane. I'm itching to get a BV soon, but don't know if I should wait all the way to mid. January when I travel out to London from the states. I kinda want one now, but I also want to see a lot more of their collection. I really like the bag I posted on the top (which also comes in black as mentioned by the others, a color I also like)...its unique, plus great it worth the price? I'm giving this a lot, A LOT of thought! The other flap bag I posted (though I want the smaller) is much cuter on their website. That pic. doesn't do it justice!

    Also, I heard BV has this new and beautiful red out...has anyone seen in person?
  13. Hmmm, I was wondering if the second was kinda matronly.....