Cute backpacks?

  1. My mom insists on carrying a not very attractive black backpack/purse. It looks similiar to this one, but her's is beat up due to everyday use for a few years.

    My mom is 75 yrs young and I hate to see her carrying that thing. She is adamantly opposed to using anything else (except for church when she does carry her LV or Chanel) I would love to get her a new backpack with the organizational features but in a more attractive style. Does anyone know of any?? TIA!
  2. Wilson's Leather usually offers a pretty large selection of leather backpacks with lots of internal organizational features (

    Their prices go up and down as wildly as the stock market. I bought a really nice one on sale for $40 last spring. The same style is now $70. My only complaint is that the straps are thin. The lining is a light-weight cotton.

    I also like the LL.Bean purse backpacks. There are both leather and tweedy fabric ones. They regularly go on sale on the Bean web site. You can also find them in pristine condition on eBay. They're *very* well made with heavy leather straps and leather bottoms. But the only organizational features tend to be a couple zippered security pockets inside and a zippered pocket outside.

    There are some nifty vintage leather Dooney backpacks that keep appearing on eBay, but the Dooneys are just an empty space. They lack a lining or any organizational features or compartments.

    Finally, Fossil makes some very nice leather backpacks with organization features and pockets similar to what you have pictured. I've never bought one but I've admired them at Macy's. They retail for around $100 and I think you can find them at

    As you can see I'm a backpack-purse devotee.
  3. Oh by the way Coach has some *gorgeous* leather backpacks available under the Coach Classics section on their web site. But I think they run rather large.
  4. Have you checked out Libaire. You can pick the shape of the backpack from many styles ,then the color of the leather and then the color of the hardware. They are very light weight and extremely durable.
  5. Thanks girls! Great bags, I'm going to pick one out for her, she loves the organizational part of these types of bags.