Cute baby names

  1. Im bored so i just thought that i would think of something to write about;)
    Wondering what baby names you have thought of for when you have kids. I love ava and jacob
  2. This one in my belly is either Audrey or Jacob :yes:
  3. Mine was supposed to be a Natalia, but after we first laid eyes on her we knew the name didn't fit.

    With our next child I don't think we'll pick out names before hand. :shrugs:

    We had about 645470871 names on our list, lol
  4. So far I have Emma Ansley or Zuluah for a girl. And Bradley Murdock or Landon Rhiley for a boy.
  5. Well, before I ever got pregnant w/dd, I liked Emma. When I was pregnant with dd, Emma was all the rage, including my dh's first cousin's first child, so we didn't like that as much. As you can tell from my userid, we like unusual and fell in love with the name Willow (named after our fathers - William and Walter). Now that I'm pregnant w/#2 dd, we're probably going with Skylar, though we also considered Shane and Samantha (shane for a boy). We also liked Sawyer for a boy. We're using S after my grandfather, Sam.

    I also tend to like "Irish" and masculine names for girls, like Tess, Kat, and Max (not Maxine, just Max).
  6. I love the name Emma or Rose.
  7. Well, If I have another girl she will be either Jillian or Leila & a boy Gavin. I still have a list from my first with my top pick baby names. I'll probably change my mind a million times if another baby is in the cards.

  8. My nephew's name is Gavin. They had tons of names picked out and couldn't decide so they put them all in a hat and Gavin was the one the drew out. It fits him perfectly!!!
  9. for a boy I love hudson or lucas.
  10. My son's name is Wyatt Logan. If he were a girl his name would have either been Ella, Paige or Chloe.
    If I had another boy, my husband and I like the name Finn.
  11. My BFF just named her daughter Ainsley. Love it!!
  12. Alison is a pretty name. I also like Jason and Christopher. I like classic names.
  13. My SO wants a "unique" name. Lately, he likes Jaguar and Chortle. I'm getting worried...
  14. For girls I like Elizabeth (very versatile), Ellie, and Emily. Not sure why I'm drawn to the E names, haha. I like Grant, Ethan, Nathan, and Lucas for boys. These are, of course, subject to change. ;) There are a lot of names I like, actually. I know I'll be obsessing over baby name books when the time comes around.

    I don't want an overly unique name.... my boyfriend and I both have "incorrectly" spelled names, and it's so annoying! I'm pretty sure we'd go with something simple with a normal spelling.

    I like the name Emma, but my sister had to go ahead and name her dog that so that's out of the picture, haha.
  15. For girls I like Zoe, Ava, and Tal. For a boy I would pick Aaron or Aviv.